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Pumpkin and walnut chicken salad sandwich with cream cheese.

Pumpkin & Walnut Chicken Salad

There's nothing that says fall quite like the taste of pumpkin. Pumpkin combined with a variety of spices and walnuts will make your tastebuds tingle with delight in this unique take on the classic chicken salad sandwich. No matter what time of year, celebrate with this no bake recipe!

turkey and cream cheese sandwich with nectarines

Turkey and Cream Cheese Sandwich with Nectarines

This is not your typical turkey and cream cheese sandwich. With the addition of nectarines, red onions, and greens, your basic lunch is now a gourmet meal.

Smashed Chickpea salad on slices of bread with lettuce.

Smashed Chickpea Salad: The Greek Edition

Looking for a vegetarian option to your favorite chicken salad? Look no further than this smashed chickpea salad with a Greek twist.

Pocket Bread Grilled Cheese with pita, cheese, and tomato soup.

Pocket Bread Grilled Cheese

This pocket bread, aka pita, grilled cheese is super easy and delicious. A simple twist on a traditional favorite, this recipe is great with tomato soup.

Chicken and pear tacos topped with goat cheese and cilantro with rice.

Curried Chicken and Pear Tacos

These curried chicken and pear tacos are a twist on traditional taco fare. With sauteed chicken breast and pears, these tacos are a great meal option.

Parmesan Chicken Pizza Toppings including crusted chicken, basil, and cheese.

Parmesan Chicken Pizza Toppings

I'm always looking for new, exciting chicken pizza toppings ideas. This one came to me thanks to my boyfriend's obsession with all things Chicken Parmesan. So this recipe is fairly easy as long as you buy a pre-made crust. If you have the ability and time to make homemade crust dough or fight with flattening the storebought ones, more power to ya, but I'm gonna stick with my pre-made thin crust. Top your desired crust with your favorite pasta sauce, crusted chicken, two cheeses, and fresh basil. It got 2 thumbs up from my boyfriend so I'm sure your family will respond the same to these Parmesan Chicken Pizza Toppings!

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich on hamburger bun with red onions.

Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

If you're looking for an easy lunch or dinner idea, look no further than this barbecue chicken sandwich. Shredded chicken (Simple Shredded Chicken Breast ) + your favorite BBQ sauce is enough to top any bun with a protein-filled meal that will put a smile on anyone's face.

Boxed mac and cheese cooked with turmeric, peas, and goat cheese.

Boxed Mac and Cheese for GrownUps

Have a craving for boxed mac and cheese, but want just a little more flavor? This recipe using boxed mac and cheese helps everyone's childhood favorite grow up a bit with the spiciness and saltiness of turmeric, garlic, and goat cheese.

Salad with Beets, lettuce, mandarin oranges, red onions, and goat cheese.

Salad with Beets, Oranges, & Goat Cheese

This is for my fellow beet lovers! I'm not sure how many there are out there, but this is an easy and healthy recipe idea using a very colorful array of fruits and veggies.

Instant Ramen Noodles in Low Sodium Broth with carrots, green onions, and sriracha.

Throw That Packet Away Instant Ramen Noodles

In 1 instant Ramen noodles broth packet, there is 76% of your daily value of sodium!! Throw that packet away and use a lower sodium broth plus healthier spices to create a more flavorful soup that won't a salt (see what I did there?) your body.

Meatless dinner salad with lettuce, pinto beans, red onions, and corn.

Meatless Dinner Salad with Honey BBQ Dressing

This is my take on a healthier salad version of BBQ chicken pizza. In this meatless recipe, pinto beans are a great protein swap for chicken and the tang of the honey BBQ dressing pairs nicely with the sweetness of the corn. Cilantro and goat cheese bring home the more traditional flavors of the pizza.

Pad Thai Coconut Water Smoothie with coconut water, carrots, limes, and more.

Coconut Water Smoothie – Pad Thai

The smoothie is not just for breakfast anymore. Try this sweeter, blended version of a savory dinnertime favorite, Pad Thai. With lime juice, peanut butter, coconut, and sriracha (if you dare!) this coconut water smoothie offers up all of your favorite Thai flavors.