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Cocoa-nut Krispie Treats topped with sea salt.

Sea Salt & Cocoa-nut Krispie Treats

Taking advantage of the new coconut oil health craze, these cocoa rice krispie treats are a perfect recipe for taking to a Summer BBQ or a Winter potluck. Add a little sea salt for a bit of flair.

Sweet Potato Dish baked with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham cracker.

S’mores Sweet Potato Dish

This dessert sweet potato dish will leave you wanting s'more. Marshmallows, dark chocolate, and graham crackers mix with sweet potatoes in this tasty dish.

Simple Mug Cake with white cake and sprinkles in an oversized mug.

Simple Mug Cake – OVERSIZED

This 2-ingredient, microwaveable, simple mug cake couldn't get much easier. When your sweet tooth hits, I highly recommend this quick recipe to stave off the munchies, and with less fat than traditional cakes, this recipe is a winner on your waistline.

Tropical Bread Pudding for Two with mago, limes, and whipped cream.

Tropical Bread Pudding for Two

Take a trip to your favorite exotic locale with this tropical bread pudding for two made with Hawaiian rolls, coconut milk, lime, and mango.