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Top 10 Tastes for September 2015

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  1. Lemon – I love lemon! I love the way it tastes, looks, and brightens up a room with it’s fragrance. Drinking fresh lemon water in the morning is one of my favorite ways to start the day. Lemon water can help with digestion, helps your organs detox, and recently, has been linked to weight loss. Lemon is not only great for your health, lemons can be used as a disinfectant or even to keep bugs away.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar – It may seem a bit off, but taking a shot of apple cider vinegar can actually help your tummyache. I’ve tried it and it does work, as long as you can stomach the shot. In addition to a tummy pleaser, apple cider vinegar may help lower blood sugar, clear stuffy noses, and offer a boost of natural energy.
  3. Turmeric – Turmeric has long been used by Eastern cultures as an anti-inflammatory. In recent months, there has been discussion that it may be helpful for depression as well. It’s earth, bitter flavor is best paired with meals that have strong flavors (i.e. chili and curries). Turmeric can also be used to add a beautiful golden yellow hue to foods.
  4. Coconut – From coconut itself to coconut water to coconut milk to coconut oil to and the newest trend, coconut sugar, coconut is not an unknown superfood. That being said it still is super. With my health issues, I am often finding myself low on potassium. When this happens, I start drinking a coconut water a day. Coconut water can offer more potassium than that in 4 bananas. I’ve even heard of gargling coconut water to help rid yourself of gingivitis. Try if you dare, I haven’t.
  5. Matcha Tea  -If you’re an antioxidant junkie, look no further. A Bowl of Green Matcha tea can provide over 5 times as many antioxidants as any other food. While you bask in that antioxidant glory, you’ll also feel an increased sense of calm, boosted memory, and concentration after drinking.
  6. Kombucha – Sometimes the thought of yogurt does not appeal to me, at all. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate kombucha. It offers similar probiotics to yogurt in an easy (and usually tasty) drinkable form. Probiotics can help aid digestion and boost immunity.
  7. Veggie Tops – Picture those frilly green leaves on top of your carrots, ya know, that stuff you usually throw away. Carrot greens are packed with chlorophyll (ya, that stuff you learned about in 8th grade science), which is an excellent source of magnesium, which has been linked to a healthier blood pressure and stronger bones and muscles.
  8. Goat Cheese – This cheese is an excellent choice for people who have issues digesting dairy. Goat cheese is much easier on the digestive system than traditional cow’s milk cheese and has more Vitamins K, D, and niacin. Not to diss the cheesy goodness that comes from cow’s milk, but with less fat, calories, and cholesterol, goat cheese just might be the better choice for a diet.
  9. Beans – Ok, so this is vague, but don’t ask me to pick just one. For meatless vegetarian meals, beans are a great source of protein that offer heart-healthy benefits. They are both wallet friendly and convenient when purchased in cans. To reduce the sodium of canned beans, give them a rinse before you use them.
  10. Nuts – Different nuts have different benefits so I would be hesitant to choose just one. Walnuts can help fight inflammation, almonds can help your strengthen bones and improve skintone, cashews can help with memory loss, pistachios can help balance hormones, yada yada yada. Go ahead and go nuts – raw, butter, roasted, your choice!