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My name is Kristen Craig and I am a 30-ish year old who lives in San Diego with my long-time boyfriend and our little puppy (5 years is still a puppy, right?). Way too long ago I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and Communication from UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!). To more relevant news,  I’ve always loved cooking and decided to start Souperbly Delicious so I could share my meal musings with the world.

Over the last few years I have had a myriad of health issues which have limited my diet significantly. Because of this, I try (always is just not an option…) to keep my food as low-fat as possible (with the exception of what I deem to be good fats). That being said, I am also a lazy person, so I tend to choose what is easy.

I don’t discriminate on products based on their organic status and I do use canned products (just thought we’d get that out of the way now…).  A lot of times my recipes will mix store bought products with homemade, but sometimes I will be up to experiment from scratch. I’m not quite sure where this site will take me, but I’d like to invite you along on the journey.  Happy Noshing!

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  1. Virginia Elling says:

    Congratulations! Love the donkey pick….good times


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